D.T.'s & E.T.'s
The ultra rare album by Tex LeBeauf

The Unreleased Album

This album was produced and recorded by A.J.R. in 1998 and contained all new material by Tex. It was never released because an unnamed computer company executive paid A.J.R. a handsome sum of money to not only shelf the project, but to also erase all the session recordings then burn the master tapes. It seems that the computer company executive feared that Tex's album would reveal the truth about U.F.O's, or maybe reveal an alien computer technology that would cause a computer revolusion, producing an inexpensive computer affordable to all... or maybe he just wasn't a Tex LeBeauf fan... who knows!

The only piece that remains of the project is a polaroid proof of the cover art, which survived only because it had fallen behind a couch in the A.J.R. office.

We couldn't resist sneaking a copy of the cover art, reprinted from the blurry polariod, into this complete collection and hope we're not sued for revealing this information at last.


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