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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment
Tegal - Live at the Hideaway, Lawrence, 1994
Before the original band reformed in 1995, Schloss Tegal, a Lawrence, Kansas based noise band, brought in replacement players to perform a few scheduled shows in the Kansas City area. The band performing with different players at local clubs including The Hideaway where they opened for the Electric Hellfire Club. Since this configuration of the band was temporary with the only original member Marc Burch, these recordings have been dubbed "Tegal". One of the main differences was the inclusion of animated backing videos by several local video artists. The is a dub from the original Hi-8 tape, it includes an opening title sequence added before the show and before the opening title music was added. This is the full set with pretty good black levels in the video and audio recorded live on a camcorder shot by Joyce Haverkamp who also created the backing video.

Tex LeBeauf - The UFO Tapes, 1994
Tex LeBeauf, a once beloved country western singer who's spent most of his career in Paris, France, returned to the midwest in the mid-nineties to give a series of lectures about his many abductions by UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. This is a series of recordings made as a kind of a series of rehearsal sessions for his lecture tour, which eventually never came to be. This is a rare look into the adventures and mind of a seriously damaged musician near the end of a seemingly endless career.

Tommie & The Timber Rattlers - Rick’s Place, 1993
The Lawrence, Kansas based band Tommie & The Timber Rattlers perform a set at Rick’s Place in 1993, while people play shuffle board in the foreground.

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