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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment
Perry Comotatus - McFarland Gallery opening, 1988

This is a recording of probably the only performance of the Wichita experimental band Perry Comotatus. Recorded here performing at an art opening for an exhibit called “Apartment Art”, where the WSU McFarland gallery was temporaily turned into an apartment environment to display artist works as they would be displayed at home. The band members were Mick Watts (guitar), Curtis Martins (keyboard/sequences), and Ron (stick bass).

Phantom Tollbooth, Live at the Gee Whiz Club, 1986
The post-punk band from New York City named Phantom Tollbooth performing live at the Gee Whiz club in Wichita, Kansas in 1986, good quality audience recording at Art Greig. The band features Dave Rick (guitar/vocals), Gerard Smith (bass) and Jon Coats (drums). A second audio recording is included where Art Greig brought the band members by KMUW Aftermidnight’s radio show, rather than an interview the deejay let the band program the show. It features the band playing interesting albums, with dialogues in-between, and a few special in studio guests.

The Plaid Family - KMUW Sister Midnight Radio Show, 1987
This is a radio show that originally aired on the KMUW Aftermidnight program Sister Midnight in 1987, Wichita, Kansas. It features an interview with Kelly Werts, guitarist for this trio, where he talks about the history of the band offering selected original works and cover versions. The trio also has Diana Werts on accordion and Susan Mayo on cello.

Private Parts - KMUW demo tape, 1985
Private Parts was a band from the late 1980s that featured guitarist Dawayne Bailey, who later performed with the Bob Seger band and the group Chicago. This is a demo that the band Private Parts produced for airplay on the Wichita public radio program Aftermidnight. Dawayne Bailey on vocals & guitar, Mark Lloyd on drums, Andy Coss on bass, John Collison on keyboards with Doug Kimble engineer (uploaded here with permission from Dawayne Bailey).

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