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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment
Tim Gilbert - Live at Kirbys, 09/88
Another live set from Tim Gilbert who performs solo at Kirbys Beerstore in Wichita, Kansas September 10, 1988.

Tim Gilbert - Live at Kirbys, Wichita 1988

Tim Gilbert performs a solo show live at Kirbys Beerstore in Wichita, Kansas June 15, 1988

Tim Gilbert - Love Songs, cassette 1987
Timothy Gilbert's 1987 cassette release Love Songs

Tim Gilbert - Tap Dance, KMUW Radio Show 1987

Tim Gilbert - "Tap Dance" KMUW Radio Show recorded interviews with music for the Sister Midnight Aftermidnight program in 1987.

Tim Gilbert - Two Views Of A Nagasaki Duck Pond 1987
Tim Gilbert - Two Views Of A Nagasaki Duck Pond a solo cassette release from Wichita, Kansas features the recorded opening for when the piece was aired on KMUW Sister Midnight radio show in 1987.

Keith Gist - Fish Schticks Live, cassette 2000
In 1996 M.T. Pockets started it's 5 year run at the Wichita Center of the Arts, M.T Pockets began at the Freestate Brewery in Lawrence, KS. three years earlier. M.T.Pockets is a weird multimedia event that includes re-edited found film complications and strange live music. Keith Gist, given the long history of collaborating with this kind of thing, was a natural to perform at the shows. Beginning in 1997 Keith wound up returning four times total, these were all released on the A.J.R. label as "Fish Schticks: Live". The first edition was presented in an elaborate color box with additional prizes and the first two performances on a cassette tape. Released in 2000, presented here in five separate files.

Keith Gist - Gist The Recordings, cassette 1999
This is kind of the ultra "B" side of the recorded works of Keith Gist, this release was used as side two of the reissues of "Road to Parma" and the first edition of "Fish Schticks: Box set". It contains 45 minutes of alternate versions, studio rehearsals (featuring Kelly Werts) and material Keith sent to A.J.R. that wasn't used on the "Road to Parma" tape. If you "Gist" a fanatic.... then it's hard to resist these rare cuts of fish.

Keith Gist - Retro-speculative, CD 2002
Keith Gist: Retro-speculative, a CD live recorded at M.T. Pockets Budget Film Fest in Wichita, Kansas  from 1997 to 2002. All recordings featured on this CD are included in the cassette collection Fish Schticks Live.

Keith Gist - The Road to Parma, cassette, 1992
This tape is kind of an assemblage collage, originally released in 1992. Keith moved away from Kansas and started sending audio recordings when he had the time. These arrived at A.J.R. in a variety of mailed forms, usually on scratchy hand-held tape recorders or passed on to us by other people on Keith's mailing lists. At first there wasn't much in the way of a tape, but through a lot of creative editing and long distant collaboration, it turned into a nice little project.

Bill Goffrier - Solo Acoustic Kirby’s, 1993

Bill Goffrier, guitarist/vocalist for the bands Big Dipper and The Embarrassment, performing a solo acoustic live set at Kirby’s in Wichita, Kansas on April 15, 1993.

Bill Goffrier - Demo, Dreamboat

A cassette tape dub of a cassette demo from Bill Goffrier, lead guitarist from the bands Big Dipper and The Embarrassment. This is either a demo for Big Dipper or a Goffrier solo project.

Bill Goffrier/Woody Geissmann - Nothing to Eat Demos, 1987

This is a collection of demos recorded by Bill Goffrier and Brent ‘Woody’ Geissmann from July of 1987 to June of 1988. Side two is listed as “New Ideas 6/88”. Goffrier and Geissmann performed together in the bands The Embarrassment and Big Dipper.

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