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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment
Dan Rouser’s Coat - The Cedar, 1981
The short lived tribute band Dan Rouser’s Coat performing at the Wichita nightclub The Cedar on December 12, 1981. With the band listed as Greg Cowper, Alex Erickson, Jim Rosencutter, and Britt Rosencutter.

Demolition Kitchen #01 - cassette, 1985
This was the first collection produced by the Demolition Kitchen sound workshop, featuring improvised performances recorded in a storage closet inside my apartment at that time and using our living room for the main studio. The lyrics for most of the tracks were selected from random books from Kris Hermanson's collection of unusual books.

Demolition Kitchen #02 - North Llano Subway, 1986

After the moderate success of the first tape selling around 150 copies, DK 2 went over board pulling in material from all over the Wichita music scene and also expanding to an overly ambious 90 minutes. Featuring many local Wichita bands including the Blivets, the Cutthroats, the Burbotz and much more. 

Demolition Kitchen #03 - Music for the Soviet Mind, cassette 1987
This recording was probably had the lowest budget of any that I ever made... as if there ever was a budget for a Demolition Kitchen recording. I could barely afford the tape that it was recorded on, I probably borrowed the recording tape from KMUW and some of the tracks suffered from the use of cheap tape.

Demolition Kitchen #04 - Words for Lunch, 1986
At this point in the history of Demolition Kitchen, I realized that one of the reasons that the tapes didn't sell better was the I was probably the only person who wanted to listen to cassette recording where each track was a different style. Most people don't want their listening experience to jump from Industrial noise, to humor, to ambient, to rock. So the next Demolition Kitchen tapes were a series, #4, #5 & #6 were separated into a trilogy, each featuring a set of similar styles of music. #4 "Words for Lunch" was a tape of humorous recordings or tracks recorded in a similar lighthearted style.

Demolition Kitchen #05 - Faithful Dreams, 1987
This DK is part two of the trilogy (of other cassette releases 4, 5, & 6) and it features the music that's either experimental or ambient. This recorded actually turned out to be one of the best DK tapes with performances by Kelly Werts, Perry Comotatus (with Mick Watts), Michael Curtis and many others. It also contains several sound experiments, one being the "Keyboard Picnic" where I invited everyone I knew who had a keyboard over for a jam session, everybody's keyboard was patched through a single mixer and I sat in the middle and mixed all of the sounds into listenable tracks.

Demolition Kitchen #06 - Big Game, cassette 1987
Big Game rounded out the trilogy (of DK 4, 5 & 6) featuring all of the music that was more orchestral or produced on actual studio equipment by Mike Curtis, including guest appearances by Andrew Slaughter and Kelly Werts on guitar.

Demolition Kitchen #07 - Catawompus, 1989

After a break of several years and also after moving to Lawrence, KS, the long process of meeting new people to collaborate with began again. DK slowly returned with an all Lawrence artists recorded collection, introducing a whole new stable of musicians and talents into the process. Combining a variety of styles into one of the most experimental DK tapes ever.

Demolition Kitchen #09 - String, 1991
This is DK's all guitar compilation, based around live recordings made during my final term as producer of the "Midnight Hour" radio show on KMUW, Wichita Public radio. There's some really great material on the tape with Kelly Werts live jams and Mick Watts studio improv's.

Demolition Kitchen #11 - Numbles & Nematoades" 1991
After a couple years of drifting through college work and art experiments, DK returned to it's true form with another cassette assault. This tape has more of a feeling of a laboratory experiment that a recorded string of ideas. Welcoming all types of styles and influences to the fold, including some found music.

Demolition Kitchen #12 - Big Bend, 1998

This tape was more of an experiment for me as a producer than as a musician. Mike Curtis was producing allot of tracks for the Vampire Rodents and also for his Victor Wulf projects, I asked him if he would let me use any unfinished pieces that he had. I couldn't find a way to complete them for a long time and shelved the tracks.

Demolition Kitchen #13 - Transformati, 1993
This tape features heavier dark material from Marc Burch of Schloss Tegaland Michael Curtis of Vampire Rodents.

Demolition Kitchen #14 - The Best Of, 2001
Selecting what were the best tracks of the thirteen cassette releases that made up the A.J.R. Demolition Kitchen catalog was a difficult process. The selected tracks were picked mainly because they were the ones the recalled positive memories and by their achievements in low budget production.

Demolition Kitchen #16 - The Art of Precarious Stacking, 2001
This is an overview of projects that were either recorded for, were unreleased or recorded in the style of Demolition Kitchen from 1993 to 2002. Most of these tracks were to be released as Demolition Kitchen, but there were never enough pieces to complete a relesase until they were compiled together into this 2001 release.

Demolition Kitchen - Wires: Expanded Edition, 1999

A compilation of guitar based music recorded by Demolition Kitchen from 1986 to 1996. It features the following musicians: Andrew Slaughter, Curtis Martins, John Eberly, Karl Ramberg, Kelly Werts, Ken Haug, Kevin Richey, Mick Watts, Mike Curtis, Paul Elwood, Ron Harris, and Timothy Gilbert.

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