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The Embarrassment
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The Embarrassment

Demolition Kitchen Media: Kansas Music Archive

This project was begun around 2012 when it was decided to move as much of the Demolition Kitchen Media content online to the Internet Archive. Demolition Kitchen has been collecting media files since 1970 and the collection has expanded into many different genres of music and video. The collection was placed online as a free resource to anyone who finds the material of interest. It is continually growing and has begun adding fanzines, brochures, and other formats of media. Please fill free to contact us with any submissions or corrections.

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About Demolition Kitchen

Demolition Kitchen was begun in 1982 as a kind of music workshop, originally producing a series of cassette releases in the era of "Mail Art", that featured different combinations artists on each track. Later, the name was carried over as Demolition Kitchen Video when the project moved into producing public access television programming. These television shows have been broadcast all over the world and are currently featured on the Internet channel Nightflight Plus.

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